The Village Herbalist

Before there were universities graduating licensed medical doctors, communities looked to ‘Wise Men’ and ‘Wise Women,’ Grannies, and Midwives for simple plant medicines, for healing of injuries and dis-eases, and for compassionate listening. As an ally during sickness, birth, or at the end of life, the Village Herbalist has always been called on for support. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that even today, 90% of healthcare is done at home. The Village Herbalist is the time-tested model of home-healthcare. Her tool box is versatile, and prevention is held in high regard. In one hand she holds a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills, and in the other, the empty space of the moment as a unique experience, without preconceived ideas.

For most common ailments, she has the means to help, and even more importantly, to educate families on how to help themselves. She chooses remedies which simultaneously nourish and build a solid foundation of Real Health, while addressing the entire scope of what a person is experiencing, from the physical to the mental and emotional, and does not see these as separate parts of a person. Health is not defined merely by the absence of disease, but is recognized as a feeling of dynamism, vibrancy, and empowerment! Herbalism practiced in this way treats the Whole Person, instead of just symptoms, and leads each person to a state of greater vitality.

In seeking herbal therapy and health advice from Village Herbals, you are encouraged to take self-responsibility. Your own inner-guidance system is the supreme authority on whether a particular remedy may be right for you. While Stella will happily support your healing process and provide suggestions, it is done with the understanding that you are accountable for making informed decisions. Therefore, education is a major part of a consultation, while your own intuition and self-knowledge is respected as an invaluable component in your process. Stella believes that for the goal of true, lasting, revolutionary change in your health to be met, empowerment must be a cornerstone to your process. This stems from a sense of having created change for yourself-beginning with asking for help, and in a continuous way, making choices which support your process. With that in mind, Stella is honored to work with you and witness your transformation. There is no better expert than YOU when it comes to your own body.


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